Alumni Association Board

Meet our alumni engagement champions

The Herron Alumni Association Board of Directors serves to promote fellowship of Herron alumni, support the students and the school, and preserve Herron's unique identity.

Consisting of four elected officers and up to 10 elected representatives, the board represents distinguished involvement, support, and commitment to the school. Its members represent the Herron in the community and carry out all alumni-related activities for a three-year term.

We will continue to seek meaningful engagement with our alumni members to help keep them connected to art throughout their lives.

Susan Peters, president

2018–19 Herron Alumni Association Board of Directors

Board members

  • Sandi Ballard (B.F.A. Visual Communication '91)
  • Jeffrey Dalton (B.F.A. Ceramics '01)
  • Samantha Julka (M.F.A. Visual Communication Design '12)
  • Duane King (B.F.A. Visual Communication '83)
  • Melissa Parrott Quimby (B.F.A. Ceramics '95)
  • Susan Peters (B.F.A. Photography '09, president)
  • Marna Shopoff (M.F.A. Visual Art '14)
  • B.T. Stuck (M.F.A. Visual Communication Design '11)
  • Emily Stump (M.F.A. Visual Communication '13)

Honorary board members

  • Mark Antreasian (B.F.A. Visual Communication '83)
  • Kathy Cunningham (B.A.E. Art Education '84)
  • Ron Crain (Visual Communication '96)
  • Mary Ann Davis (B.F.A. Printmaking '76)
  • Mike Garber (B.F.A. Visual Communication '97)
  • Sara Love (B.F.A. Visual Communication '75)
  • Phil O'Malley (B.F.A. General Fine Arts '07)
  • Ginny Taylor Rosner (B.F.A. Photography '91)
  • Tim Wise (B.F.A. Painting '95)

Ex-officio members

  • Kimberly Merritt
  • Kimberly Hodges

Student representative

  • Jazmine Hooper


For inquiries about the Herron Alumni Association, contact Kim Merritt, director of alumni relations, at or (317) 274-8905.