Campus Partnerships

Our campus partnerships

  • Herron’s Art Therapy program partners with IU Health Neuroscience Center on an initiative addressing physician burnout and caregiver stress. The initiative includes wellness groups and therapeutic experiences for physicians, residents, and staff.
  • APP-ME project involves Youngbok Hong (Visual Communication Design) on a collaboration with IU Center for Aging Research, funded by the National Institutes of Health. The project goal is to create an app as a messaging tool designed for obesity management.
  • Youngbok Hong (Visual Communication Design) is developing a Healthy Aging Brain Care app for caregivers with patients suffering from dementia, funded by IU Foundation and School of Medicine.
Furniture design students gather around a race car.

Formula-style race car collaboration

Professor Cory Robinson (Furniture Design) and Pete Hilton (Motorsports Engineering) engage students in the production of components for the college series formula car. They explore advanced digital fabrication techniques and exemplify how artists and engineers can mutually benefit from each other’s processes.

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  • 21st Century Great Conversations, an international symposium on neuroscience, art, and related therapeutics, will be sponsored by Herron and IUSM Department of Neurology. The symposium is a collaboration between the schools of art, medicine, nursing, informatics, engineering, liberal arts, and health and rehab sciences. It will bring together world leaders specializing in research of the brain’s response to beauty aesthetics, the neuroscience of creativity and mobile brain-body imaging.
  • Helen Sanematsu (Visual Communication Design) collaborates with a team of researchers at the IU School of Medicine on Research Jam to utilize design methods to bring patient perspectives into healthcare and leverage patient-centeredness with scientific knowledge for improved health outcomes.

Art therapy + neurology

Professor Greg Hull is collaborating with Juliet King (Art Therapy) and Robert Pascuzzi (Chair of IU Department of Neurology) on the Transformational Impact Fellowship’s Touchstone Project to create a digital light installation that can be controlled by input from hospital patients.

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  • Pamela Napier (Visual Communication Design) has worked with the IUPUI Office of Community Engagement (OCE) on creating a design research process to help them strategically align their goals with the IU Bicentennial Plan and IUPUI Strategic Plan.
  • Aaron Ganci (Visual Communication Design) is part of a research group that has representatives from Nursing (Rebecca Ellis), Computer Science (James Hill), Electrical Engineering (Euzuli Dos Santos), Communication, and Visual Communication Design. The group is developing new “smart” products to help manage your health. The first exploration is designing a pill management system that involves a new connected pillbox and smartphone app. The project was awarded a $50,000 development grant for seed funding to help develop the technology and conduct a pilot study for a larger NIH R01 grant.