Dean's Corner

Making Indy Indie Since 1902

Herron School of Art and Design at IU Indianapolis has had an integral role in shaping Indianapolis as an engaged regional partner for more than 100 years, providing public exhibitions, youth programs, and numerous community collaborations. The footprints of Herron students, alumni, and faculty cover the city – in galleries, classrooms, boutiques, museums, businesses, design firms, and cooperative artist studios across town.

Now more than ever, the skills and abilities our students develop during their Herron studies – observation, experimental making, visual thinking, and critical inquiry – are in high demand as society recognizes the role of creativity, visual arts, music technology, and design in solving complex global issues. Herron's faculty are continually working to expand the school's research initiatives by collaborating across a wide range of fields, from health management to business, and by engaging in entrepreneurial projects that create new avenues of understanding, reaching from the 16 Tech Innovation District to the new 10 East Art + Design District. 

Herron recently built on its strengths and expanded opportunities for faculty and students by joining forces with IU Indianapolis's Department of Music and Arts Technology. The natural intersections between visual art and music will increase students’ access to outstanding resources.

Herron leads critical conversations on campus and throughout the state in the realms of art, design, music, and careers in arts and design fields that diversify perspectives and spark new dialogue, collaborations, and initiatives. Our commitment to creative thinking and making has a direct impact on our students, our curricula, our scholarly pursuits, and our community.