Employing photography, video and sculptural forms Stefan Petranek explores the subtleties of how we perceive nature through the lens of contemporary culture, especially in response to technological and scientific advances. Influenced by his formal training as a biologist, he often uses the camera to pare down nature into its elemental forms, using visual repetition and experimental practices to reflect on humanity’s complex relationship with nature.

Petranek’s photographic and video work have been exhibited widely in the U.S. as well as appearing internationally. Named a finalist in Critical Mass 2013, an exhibition of his Genotyping series was installed in 2015 at the Tulla Culture Center in Albania. In 2016, his Genetic Portrait Project Initiative was published in Front Line Genomics Magazine and his Genotyping appeared in INPHA3, Manifest Press’ annual fine art photography book. He is represented by Circuit Gallery in Toronto and resides in Indianapolis.