Museum of Broken Relationships

Where memories of broken hearts live

The Museum of Broken Relationships is about you, us, and how we love, lose, and grow. Conceived by Croatian artists Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić in 2006 after their breakup, the Museum of Broken Relationships collects and exhibits the objects and stories that remain when relationships end. At their galleries in Zagreb and in a series of temporary community-based exhibits worldwide, the Museum of Broken Relationships constructs empathetic journeys that are at once highly specific and universally resonant.

The Museum of Broken Relationships Indianapolis is a unique partnership between the IUPUI Museum Studies Program and the Museum of Broken Relationships. Navigate grief, humor, sarcasm, and sympathy through an exhibit that blends local stories with those from other countries. An accompanying slate of programs and educational resources will be available during the exhibition's run, including satellite displays around town and campus.

The Museum of Broken Relationships Indianapolis reflects the substantial contributions of IUPUI students enrolled in the Curatorial Practices, Museum Education, and Museums and Audiences courses during the 2022-23 academic year. The Indianapolis project team is led by professors Lois H. Silverman and Laura M. Holzman.

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February 8 – April 22, 2023


Eskenazi Hall, 735 W. New York St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202


Some learning resources will be available online to enrich visitors' experience of the exhibition and its content and themes. You can also follow the Museum of Broken Relationships content for educational opportunities on the Museum Studies Program's blog.

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  • Central Library
    Simon Reading Room
    40 E. St Clair St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    March 28 – April 28
  • Garfield Park Arts Center
    2432 Conservatory Dr.
    Indianapolis, IN 46203
  • IUPUI Campus Center
    420 University Blvd., CE 360
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • IUPUI Cavanaugh Hall
    425 University Blvd., 4th Floor
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • IUPUI Inlow Hall
    Ruth Lilly Law Library
    530 W. New York St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • IUPUI University Library
    Business/SPEA breezeway
    755 W. Michigan St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • Indiana Youth Group (IYG)
    3733 N Meridian St., Suite 300
    Indianapolis, IN 46208
    IYG community: Feb. 8 – April 22
    Public: March 19, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.

We hope visitors will feel comforted knowing we all go through the same rollercoaster of emotions regarding love and loss. This exhibition will be a poignant, cathartic celebration of our shared humanity.

Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić, cofounders of the Museum of Broken Relationships

Downtown Indianapolis

612 N. Delaware Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Northeast Indianapolis

4209 E. 62nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Northwest Indianapolis

8550 Ditch Road
Indianapolis, IN 46260


21 1st Street SW
Carmel, IN 46032