HERRON: How are you hoping audiences will engage with your work?

JONES: In the use of medical books, I am considering ways in which the human race could see a common struggle. In the current political climate, we are dealing with a situation related to the wellbeing of our bodies, which are 99.9% alike, but somehow, we continue to be manipulated by the 0.01% difference. It is the focus on difference that harms all of us.

HERRON: What future projects or exhibitions do you have lined up?

JONES: I will soon be revisiting materials related to my early years of labor in an exhibition at Patron Gallery in Chicago, March 2018. The exhibition will include works made from footballs.

HERRON: What advice would you give to Herron students about thriving as visual artists in the world of contemporary art?

JONES: Firstly thrive within thyself, and secondly “the world.” The contemporary art one makes should become you, not you it.