Transition ahead: Valerie Eickmeier to step down as Herron dean in 2018

The following is an open letter from Dean Valerie Eickmeier to the Herron Community.

Dear Friends of Herron:

For 35 years, Herron School of Art and Design has provided me with bountiful opportunities and wonderful experiences, for which I am enormously grateful. I am extremely proud of the school’s accomplishments, and it has been my privilege to provide leadership for 20 years as dean and contribute to Herron’s success.

While I am not yet planning to retire, I have decided to transition from my deanship role, effective June 30, 2018, and to focus on other areas of interest within Herron.

After stepping down, I will take sabbatical leave for the 2018-19 academic year and return as a Herron faculty member with a renewed focus on teaching, research, and service. This is an exciting change and I’m looking forward to working with students on career development, advancing Herron’s community engagement, and enhancing our alumni relations.

IUPUI leadership will conduct a national search to identify Herron’s next dean with input and participation from faculty and staff. This process is underway and I anticipate that an excellent candidate will be recruited to take the reins next summer.

I hope the Herron community will actively embrace and support the new dean, as it has done for me during my tenure.

Every aspect of the school – its reputation, expanded degree options, interdisciplinary initiatives, and philanthropic gifts – is stronger thanks to the distinguished faculty, talented staff, outstanding students and alumni, key members in the community, and strong leaders across IUPUI.

Given that I will continue to serve as dean for the remainder of the academic year, I do not intend to slow down. Herron will maintain its momentum in the direction of the many opportunities that lay ahead.

I look forward to the next chapter of Herron’s success.

Warm regards,
Valerie Eickmeier