HERRON: How long did it take you to develop the game?

MIHCI: It took me 2.5 months to design and develop this game after completing the Maker Educator Certificate program to learn how to teach basic creative coding, as well as two Udemy online certificate courses, "Ultimate Guide to 2-D Mobile Game Development with Unity" and "Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity."

HERRON: Which of your classes have this game incorporated into the curriculum?

MIHCI: I used this game in my "Making Meaning" class (HER-V 201) while teaching a one-day workshop on creating meaningful creative images. I asked my students to use any object or shape they wanted and reform it during the game using visual creative strategies. They attempted to apply the strategies and SCAMPER technique to create a meaningful image.

HERRON: What did you discover because of your research project?

MIHCI: I analyzed changing educational trends in art and design to emphasize collective and interactive learning, and I designed this game to highlight the creative process during education and professional life, as well as the importance of creativity in the age of digitalization and artificial intelligence. I was also invited to two international design and education conferences after adapting the creative learning process to play via this video games.

More of Mihci's work can be found on his website, gurkanmihci.com.