Freshman Applicants

Apply to Herron as an incoming freshman

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a Herron student!

Herron students must be admitted to IU Indianapolis in order to attend Herron. Complete the online application by clicking the "Step 1" button below. Pro tip: Review the IU admissions requirements before applying.

All Bachelor of Science Herron applicants must also submit an Acceptd program application. Approved applicants will then be invited to audition to their program.

Application fees for freshman applicants

  • IU Indianapolis online application fee: $65 (non-refundable; may be waived)
  • Acceptd program application fee: $30 (non-refundable; may be waived)

Important dates for freshman applicants

  • Aug. 1: IU Indianapolis application, Music Technology, and Music Therapy applications open
  • Oct. 1: Housing application opens
  • Nov. 15: Honors College scholarship application deadline and IUPUI priority deadline for full-merit scholarship consideration
  • Dec. 1: FAFSA opens
  • Feb. 1: Herron scholarship deadline
  • Feb. 15: IU Indianapolis incoming first-year and competitive scholarship deadline
  • March: Orientation reservation opens
  • April 15: FAFSA priority deadline
  •  May 1: IU Indianapolis application and enrollment deposit deadline

  • January: IU Indianapolis application, Music Technology, and Music Therapy applications open
  • Nov. 1: Herron scholarship deadline
  • Nov. 1: IU Indianapolis application deadline

  • March 15: Summer Session I application submission deadline
  • May 1: Summer Session II application submission deadline


Ask an admissions advisor, or contact Herron's Office of Admissions and Student Services directly at 317-278-9400 or