HERRON: In addition to the above accomplishment, you serve as a resident assistant for IUPUI's Riverwalk apartments and townhomes, a council member for the National Residence Hall Honorary, and were on the Regatta Royalty court. How do you spend your minimal free time?

CROWEL: What I like to do in my free time is watch Netflix or read. It's something that takes my mind off of things. For just a little while, I can truly sit back and relax. However, it's easy for me to say I have "free time" and then procrastinate.

This quarantine period has given me a lot of free time, and I've picked up some hobbies, like digital drawing, baking, bike riding, and yoga. I've even started researching my family history.

HERRON: You juggle a lot of responsibilities. What advice do you have for students who are feeling overwhelmed?

CROWEL: My advice for students who feel overwhelmed is that it is okay to reach out for help. I have struggled my whole college career with asking for help, saying "no" to things, and delegating tasks. I'm always afraid I am going to burden someone else if I ask for help, so I just burden myself instead, but that's not healthy at all.

I recommend asking for help and always making time for yourself, even if it's just 20 minutes of quiet time before you go to bed or waking up 15 minutes early to drink a cup of coffee and relax before starting your day. When I feel good and prioritize my health, those negative feelings go away.

Also, organization is so important. If I don't have something on my to-do list or on my calendar, it doesn't get done. It also helps my anxiety to have everything written down, so I know I'm not forgetting anything and I have nothing to stress or worry about. If you're feeling overwhelmed, look for a way to organize your life, whether that's bullet journaling, an eCalendar, or an online to do list.

HERRON: What does being an IUPUI Top 100 student mean to you?

CROWEL: Being a Top 100 student means so much to me. It means that someone somewhere thinks I represent IUPUI in a positive way. It means that I'm an accomplished leader who has made an impact on my campus and community in multiple ways. I hope to take that encouragement with me to my career and continue being a strong, selfless leader and making an impact on those around me and the places I go.