HERRON: You're pursuing a B.F.A. in integrative studio practice and a minor in art history from Herron, as well as two additional minors – history and classical studies – from the IU School of Liberal Arts. What prompted you to triple minor and how do these interests influence your artistic practice?

WALLACE: Integrative studio practice (ISP) is new to me this semester. I was a drawing and illustration major for most of my time at Herron but became an ISP major because I wanted to focus on painting and sculpture during my last semester.

I decided to minor in art history because I only had to take two extra classes, and it expanded my knowledge as an artist. I pursued a history minor because I wanted to expand the pool of possible topics that could inspire my artwork. Then, I decided to get a minor in classical studies because all but one of the classes for the minor were either a part of my history or art history minor.

HERRON: What has been one of your most memorable moments while studying at Herron?

WALLACE: This is a really hard question for me to answer. I've had many memorable moments, but I would have to say I enjoyed walking down the hallways and being able to recognize most of the people I passed because of everything I have been involved with at Herron.

I have gained so much from Herron that I wouldn't have experienced elsewhere. What I've learned the most is to be myself and be creative. Herron has also given me the ability to take something mundane and turn it into something very "Dane." Other schools on campus do great things, but they lack the individuality that each Herron student has within themselves. I got to grow as a person at Herron.

HERRON: What advice would you give students who are struggling to find their own artistic voice?

WALLACE: There is a lot that I would say to students who are struggling to figure out who they are creatively. Don't be afraid to fail, it will only make you stronger. If each project that you do doesn't give you anxiety, then you are not challenging yourself hard enough.

If you feel that some of your skill sets are subpar to your classmates, don't worry about it. You are at Herron to learn, and some skills come more naturally to others. The most important thing is that you are doing work that you are passionate about.