HERRON: How have your neighbors responded to the project?

CAMPBELL: Typically, when I'm hanging masks, neighbors are either asking for them or driving by and thanking me. Many of the masks are taken while I'm not there. I will say that several times people have stopped and thought I was setting up a stand to sell them. They're very happy when I tell them the masks are free. Selling them just wouldn't feel right to me.

HERRON: In your opinion, what is the role of artists in a pandemic?

CAMPBELL: It's not up to me to define the role of anyone else at any time, let alone during the pandemic. I'm just trying to do my part.

I have an amazing life, and I am grateful for it everyday. I've been given the ability to create and the opportunity to serve. I don't have a lot of money that I can donate, I don't have a lot of spare time. So, this is what I can do and what I can contribute. It is also an opportunity for others to contribute, too. I've included mask-making instructions in an information box at the stand.