HERRON: How did your B.F.A. degree prepare you for this career path?

ROBILLARD: I am grateful for the experiences I had at Herron every single day. My furniture design and sculpture professors taught me not only basic materials and processes, but also how to take designs to a detailed finish. Because of this, I think I'm still very meticulous.

I couldn't learn everything there is to know about furniture design in four short years, of course, but Herron faculty gave me a great foundation and taught me how to find the answers. They were also incredibly supportive and helped me build the confidence that I needed to be successful in the television world.

HERRON: What advice would you give to Herron's students who are interested in pursuing a career similar to yours?

ROBILLARD: Make a profile on staffmeup.com and apply to production assistant jobs. You don't need any experience to get those jobs, but they will encourage you to get acquainted with all the components of the industry and give you a glimpse of the different jobs available. You can also pick the brains of people who are doing things that you'd like to do.

When you're working, be very supportive, organized, and kind. For example, I have a backpack of everything that someone might possibly want or need – extra battery chargers, water, hair ties, etc. Anticipate the needs of your coworkers. It's okay not to know, but you need to be willing to ask and listen.

Tell the crew on set where you'd like to end up. I didn't really follow that advice, but I think that because I was open to talking and listening, people came to know me and helped guide me to this career path. The people you work with will be your best resource and your contacts for future jobs.