HERRON: You've helped your professor, Earl Snellenberger, an expert calligrapher who teaches hand-lettering to VCD students, create large pop-up cards for IU President Pamela Whitten and IUPUI Chancellor Emeritus Nasser Paydar. What did you learn from working with Earl?

PACK: Working with Professor Snellenberger was an absolute delight. Professors like him inspire me to stay passionate about my work in the design world.

With this project, I learned how to digitally treat letterforms when considering the size of a card. I helped Professor Snellenberger digitally render the letterforms that he had created. However, I needed to be mindful of the sizing of the letters that would be used on the card. Another important tip I learned is how to properly treat serif fonts. Because the letters were large, I needed to make sure that the thickness of each individual serif was optically proportional.

I was overjoyed to meet President Whitten and present the card. I typically don't get excited over celebrities or high officials. However, this was different. I helped to create something special for the President herself. I had the same reaction when presenting former Chancellor Paydar with his card. It's incredible to see your work displayed in the real world, where people can interact with it and get excited over it.

HERRON: Your capstone project is an app that helps youth from diverse racial, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds get to know one another and gain a better cultural understanding. What sparked the idea for the project?

PACK: To give you some context, I've seen students on campus stick to their groups. This means that they surround themselves with people who have similar backgrounds to them. This is understandable because, at the end of the day, this is human nature. However, when it comes to engaging in diversity and being willing to interact with people from other cultures, this human instinct can prevent those wonderful interactions from happening. When I saw that, my app, Diversify, came to life.

The app's goal is to introduce college students to other students who are different from them. You might work with someone from a different culture than you, or you might be in an informal social setting where everyone is different. Students can use this app to form friendly bonds and better understand other cultures.

HERRON: You've used your camera to tell stories, documenting events, campus spaces, and exhibitions. When did you first become interested in photography? How do you combine this with your design interests?

PACK: I've been interested in photography since high school. I was the head of the graphic design team for my school's yearbook/magazine club. My job was to capture images of the school's events, sports games, and student interactions. I earned a marketing internship with my high school doing the same thing, but it was for their website. This is how I got started in sports photography. I was able to work closely with the basketball team for photography and videography.

Color is the best way for me to combine my design interests and abilities. Beautiful colorful imagery has always captivated me. You know an image is immersive and exciting when you feel like you want to be there. One of my best works used color and basic design principles. It was an image of one of my good friends, Sophia, throwing up a deck of cards. The cards were falling, and she was smiling. Through my photography, Photoshop, and design skills, I achieved an image that best encapsulates my ability to combine skill sets.

HERRON: What has been one of your most memorable moments while studying at Herron?

PACK: Coming home from a date was one of my favorite memorable moments. My lady friend and I both lived in Herron House. When I opened the door to my apartment, I saw so many Herron students that I knew having a party that my roommate was hosting. He told us about it ahead of time, but I forgot about it.

The rest of the night was spent playing online games, eating pasta, and enjoying each other's company. Everyone was different from me, and I felt comfortable being around everybody. My apartment felt like a college reunion. That night definitely made me love Herron even more.

HERRON: Is there anything else that you'd like to share?

PACK: The past few years have been hard due to the pandemic. Despite numerous challenges my peers and I faced, I believe Herron was an excellent school to attend. We supported and cared for one another. This is why I am proud to be a member of Herron's community.

See more of Christopher Pack's work at impackfuldesigns.com, find him on LinkedIn, and follow him on Instagram.