Fall 2022 Herron Highlights

Every three months, we publish a roundup of the most recent updates from the Herron community. Here's a look at what our students, alums, and faculty were up to between October and December 2022, including exhibitions, publications, career moves, accomplishments, and accolades.

  • Brent Aldrich (B.F.A. Photography '08 + M.F.A. Visual Art '18) and Jon Love (M.F.A. Visual Art '15) debuted a two-person exhibition, "Lunch People," at the University of Northern Colorado's Oak Room Gallery from Oct. 7 to Oct. 28, 2022.
  • Sarah Anderson (B.F.A. Photography '09), Nicole Bock (B.F.A. Painting '06), Gary Gee (B.F.A. Integrative Studio Practice '16), April Knauber (B.F.A. Sculpture '19), Johnny McKee (B.F.A. Photography '97), and Katy Newton (M.A. Art Therapy '21) participated in a group show at the Archivist Studios and Shoppe in Indianapolis. "Last Word" opened on Oct. 14 and ran through Dec. 31, 2022.
  • Amy Lee Applegate (B.F.A. Painting '15) debuted her first solo exhibition at Massey Klein Gallery in New York, N.Y. "Set and Setting" opened on Dec. 9, 2022, and will close on Jan. 28, 2023.
  • "TINY XI," the Arts Council of Indianapolis's annual holiday exhibition at Gallery 924, featured many Herron artists: Tasha Beckwith (B.F.A. General Fine Arts '06), Cassy Coha (B.F.A. Integrative Studio Practice '20), Matthew Cooper, Lauren Daugherty (M.A. Art Therapy '18), Jingo M. de la Rosa, William Denton Ray, Rebecca Entrican (B.F.A. Painting '21), Vance Farrow, Angela Fritz (B.A.E. Art Education '01), Gary Gee (B.F.A. Integrative Studio Practice '16), Christina Hollering (B.F.A. Painting '12 + M.F.A. Visual Art '22), Rylie Knecht (B.F.A. Ceramics '21), Katrina J. Murray (B.F.A. Painting '12), Andrew Perry Davis, Christine Plantenga (B.F.A. Painting '10), Sherry Polley (B.F.A. Printmaking '11 + M.F.A. Visual Art '22), Katya Reinhard (B.F.A. Ceramics '21), Ashley Richardson (B.F.A. Photography '13), John M. Ross (B.F.A. Painting '90), Chanya Ruby (B.F.A. Painting '21), Skye Lee Smith (B.A.E. Art Education '15), Arlyne Springer (B.F.A. General Fine Arts '96 + B.F.A. Printmaking '97), Brian Stovall (B.F.A. General Fine Arts + Photography '99), Courtney Thompson (M.A. Art Therapy '18), Robin Toulouse (B.F.A. General Fine Arts '80), Chris Tower (B.F.A. General Fine Arts '01), Denise Rolland Troyer (M.F.A. Visual Art '20), Nathan Winship Smith (B.F.A. Ceramics '09), and Molly Molfe (B.F.A. Painting '21). The group exhibition opened on Dec. 2, 2022, and closed on Jan. 12, 2023.
  • On Dec. 3, 2022, at the District Theatre in Indianapolis, the Clerical Error Productions Vaudeville Company presented the Holiday Vaudeville Revue of 2022, co-written and co-directed by James Benn (B.F.A. Visual Communication '79). Henry Burk (B.F.A. Furniture Design '22) also performed as Henri the mime in the production.
  • Carol Ann Carter (B.F.A. Painting '70) and April Knauber (B.F.A. Sculpture '19) were among the artists and arts administrators who received Creative Renewal Arts Fellowships for the 2022-23 period. Every other year, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, with generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc., awards individual $10,000 grants to 40 artists to support their creative exploration and rekindle their spirits.
  • On Oct. 20, 2022, Amrita Datta (M.F.A. Visual Communication Design '21), acting associate professor, and Aaron Ganci, department chair and associate professor, presented papers at the 2022 Design Educators Community Mini-Conference in Seattle, Washington. Datta's session was about using design as a shared language to bridge cultural differences, while Ganci's was about rethinking the curriculum vitae and faculty evaluation.
  • Herron's ceramics technician, Andrew Perry Davis, opened a solo exhibition titled "Lost Objects" of recent work inspired by artifacts and antique toys. The show ran from Nov. 1 through Nov. 30, 2022, at the Fountain Square Clay Center in Indianapolis.
  • Hector Del Campo (B.F.A. Painting '99), Gary Gee (B.F.A. Integrative Studio Practice '16), Will Watson (B.F.A. General Fine Arts '11), and Kevin Nance-West showed their work in "Color Theory 111" from Oct. 7 to Nov. 4, 2022, at Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indianapolis. Gee also curated the exhibition.
  • Lorrie Fredette (B.F.A. Sculpture '90) exhibited in "Whispered Conversations," a three-person show at Stand4 Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y., on view from Nov. 11, 2022, to Jan. 14, 2023.
  • Researchers from the Herron School of Art and Design, IU School of Medicine, and the University Information Technology Services (UITS) Advanced Visualization Lab continued to collaborate on a project that helps patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) express themselves. The IU Health Neuroscience Center recently projected some of the artwork on its downtown Indianapolis building in December, which drew the attention of several local news outlets. Read the press release and listen to a WFYI story with Herron's dean and the project lead, Greg Hull.
  • Courtney Kravig-McGuire (B.F.A. Printmaking '19) showed her work in "Blessed be the Birds" at Ocala City Hall in Florida. The exhibition opened on Dec. 13, 2022, and will run through June 9, 2023.
  • The 2022-23 Wilma Gibbs Moore Graduate Endowed Scholarship was awarded to Amira Malcom (B.A. Photography '18), a Master of Library and Information Science student at the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. Read about her research and how she's blazing her path in the world of social media trends.
  • On Nov. 29, 2022, Eileen Misluk, an assistant professor and director of art therapy, and Carolyn Springer, an associate faculty member of elective arts, took part in the Harrison Center's FORgiving Tuesday event. Springer presented "The Forgiving Sea," the fourth iteration of her project, and Misluk gave a talk.
  • My Modern Met published a feature story on David Morrison, a printmaking professor emeritus, and his masterfully rendered drawings of various flora.
  • Erica Parker (B.F.A. Integrative Studio Practice '16) and her work with the Chromatic Collective were profiled in Volume 22, "The Art Issue," of PATTERN Magazine.
  • Stefan Petranek, an associate professor of foundations and photography, curated an exhibition of 28 student works from a collaboration between the Herron School of Art and Design, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, and the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at IU School of Medicine last fall. "Creative Ultrasonics: A STEAM Pathway for Cross-Disciplinary Student and Faculty Engagement in Higher Education" was on display at McCormick Place in Chicago from Nov. 27 to Dec. 1, 2022, overlapping with the Radiological Society of North America's annual meeting.
  • Joshua A.M. Ross (B.F.A. Photography '15) exhibited works in "Shadow Tracer: Works on Paper" at the Aspen Art Museum in Colorado. The group exhibition opened on Dec. 9, 2022, and will run through April 2, 2023.
  • Meredith Setser (B.F.A. Printmaking '98), an associate professor of foundations and printmaking, debuted a solo show titled "Strata Verse" at the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, on Nov. 17, 2022. The exhibition ended on Jan. 7, 2023.
  • A Tribune-Star story featured Johnson Simon (M.F.A. Visual Art '18) and the illustrations he created for educational books about Carl Erskine, a former Major League Baseball starting pitcher. The books are part of the Erskine Personal Impact Curriculum (EPIC) developed in conjunction with Ted Green's documentary film "The Best We've Got: The Carl Erskine Story." Watch a video on Simon's inspirational story as an EPIC illustrator.
  • Keion Taylor, a visual communication design senior, was one of three IUPUI students and 242 students from 63 higher education institutions named a Hasso Plattner Institute of Design 2022 University Innovation Fellow. Taylor's role will be to help revitalize IUPUI's campus innovation culture.
  • Lois Main Templeton (B.F.A. Painting '81) was one of 14 artists featured in Long-Sharp Gallery's first show devoted entirely to paper works. "Front Page" debuted on Oct. 7, 2022, and will be on display at the Indianapolis art gallery until Feb. 24, 2023.
  • Cadee Thompson, a junior in art education, was chosen as the winner of a t-shirt design contest for a new IUPUI shirt. Learn more about the campus-wide voting process, Cadee's design, and where to buy it.
  • Denise Rolland Troyer (M.F.A. Visual Art '20), an associate faculty member of ceramics, was one of 12 artists who debuted new large-scale, site-responsive artworks for Wormfarm Institute's 2022 Farm/Art DTour in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. The event occurred in farm fields along the 50-mile route from Oct. 1 to Oct. 10, 2022.
  • Once again, students donned their creatively constructed outfits on Nov. 3, 2022, for Herron's annual Wearable Art Show. See runway photos from IU photographer Liz Kaye and NUVO photo contributor Lora Olive.

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