Ria Vavhal

Design has always been more than just art. Along with creativity and aesthetics, it requires strategy, problem-solving, principles, and more. As a former science major with an immense passion for art, visual communication design was the perfect intersection where I could mix logic and art. The ability to communicate through my designs, be it a message, feeling, or culture, has always fascinated me. It still does, as I realize the vastness of this field.

Design has become part and parcel of my life, too. I find myself designing the littlest of things. I mentally match colors, and think about alignment, position, and hierarchy, even when just putting out an Instagram story.

Herron is a place that transformed me into a designer. My four years of study have been filled with experiences of discovering and exploring new things with every project and pushing the limits, creatively and technically. My coursework has also made me open to positively taking feedback and constructive criticism, and I understand that critiquing improves the work.

For me, consistency and planning are key. Not having missed one class in my four years, I have understood that sometimes it's important to show up even if you've not completed the work. That is also a part of consistent effort, regardless of your progress.

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