The abrupt halt of public life from the pandemic threw a lot of uncertainty into the exhibition plans. Looking back, it's amazing that it all still came together. The exhibition was well-received and even got some attention on local news. I never set out to be an art collector, but printmaking has a strong community in the U.S. and internationally. By being involved in a thriving printmaking community, I met a lot of other printmakers and casually exchanged artwork over 15 years.

Recently, I've started looking at online art auctions and growing my collection. I also started an Instagram account,, highlighting some strange and interesting stuff I see selling at these auctions.

HERRON: Where do you see your practice evolving and expanding in the future?

GONZALES: I change how I work every few years, so it's hard to say what I might be working on in the future. For now, I'm focused on drawing and painting. I still use some screen printing in my most recent work, but I'm not interested in making editions of prints at the moment.

Also, I recently resigned from the University of Sharjah. Right now, I'm not sure if I will move back to the U.S., stay in the U.A.E., or move to another country, but I am ready to advance my career in a new direction.

Learn more about Brian Gonzales via his website and follow his activities on Instagram.