HERRON: The thoughtful design of all elements is evident in your work. How do you reconcile your love of drawing with your interest in digital media and design?

BECKWITH: I experiment and embrace the possibilities through trial and error. I've also try to identify how each element can complement or enhance one another. I started studying digital media in 2010, and I've done it enough that it now comes naturally to me.

HERRON: What key lessons did you learn at Herron?

BECKWITH: Some skills I learned at Herron that have helped me in my own career are discipline, staying on track, and hitting deadlines. I also developed courage to try new mediums without fear of failure.

HERRON: What do you love most about you do?

BECKWITH: I love the way my art makes people feel.

HERRON: Is there another area of the visual arts you'd like to explore?

BECKWITH: I would love to explore 3D modeling with programs like Zbrush and collectible toy making. I like all the designer collectible toys on the market and would love to create my own. I also want to give printmaking a go.

HERRON: What do you do to find inspiration or rejuvenate when you're not in your studio or working on your next creation?

BECKWITH: I love astronomy! When I have free time, I'll take out my telescope and gaze at the night sky. I absolutely adore the moon and find a lot of inspiration in it every time I look at it. Also, I love going to the beach and listening to the waves while doodling. To get ideas, I like to study my favorite artists and watch Patreon videos.

HERRON: What is the best professional advice you've ever received that you can pass on to incoming students who want to follow in your footsteps?

BECKWITH: Just do it and see what happens. This approach helped me when I was afraid to step outside of my comfort zone.

HERRON: What is the one question you wish we had asked, and what is your response?

BECKWITH: Oftentimes artists ask me how I get public art opportunities or commissions. I tell them that I search the Indy Arts Guide classifieds for local opportunities. I also use Café to find national calls.

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