HERRON: What has been one of your most memorable moments while studying at Herron?

CUNNINGHAM: My most memorable experience at Herron was my first day back after taking a year off. Due to the pandemic, classes were all online, so interacting with anyone other than the person I lived with was nearly impossible. Despite the physical barriers, I never felt alone or lost. IUPUI and Herron have become my second homes. I felt just as welcome as the first day I entered Herron when I returned to school.

I love IUPUI and its community so much because of how kind and passionate everyone is about the work that they do. I love that my classmates have never made me feel like a stranger, even though I did not begin my college career at Herron. I have made so many great connections while studying here. Looking back on my journey, I don't doubt that transferring to IUPUI was the right decision. I wouldn't trade my experiences at Herron for anything.

HERRON: What does being a Top 100 student mean to you?

CUNNINGHAM: I am incredibly honored to be a Top 100 student. Having a lasting and positive impact on the campus community means so much to me. I'd like to thank all of the friends, family, professors, and staff who have made my journey at IUPUI rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting. I don't know where I would be without their presence, wisdom, and encouragement. My hard work has been recognized, and I'm thrilled.

HERRON: Is there anything else that you'd like to share?

CUNNINGHAM: Above all, I advise my younger peers to find their passion and pursue it to the ends of the earth. You may not always feel motivated or excited, but just stay open to new ideas. Try anything and everything because you never know what will ignite that spark within you.

More of Teaosha Cunningham's work can be found on her Wix website, on LinkedIn, and on Instagram.