Ginger Miller

Ginger Miller is currently an Art Education major, a psychology minor, and is earning a Pre-Art Therapy certificate. Ginger says that Herron has provided her with countless opportunities to explore her interests and passions. Among those opportunities was the chance to study abroad twice and attend state and national art education conferences. These trips deepened her understanding of the subject matter, cultures, and aesthetics of art, and also provided rich multicultural experiences. Ginger notes that attending Herron has allowed her to pursue more than one path of study, which means she’ll be a more competitive candidate for jobs and graduate school. Of her professors and mentors, Ginger says that they “demonstrate what it is to be a compassionate educator, every single day!”

Ginger’s advice for students seeking placement in the Top 100 is that it’s a long-term game: you have to excel in academics, community engagement, and campus leadership—all of which take time to develop. She continues, “Do your best and find value in everything you choose to do; even if you have work that seems menial or trivial, applying yourself will foster persistence and self-discipline, which are crucial for scholars and artists alike. When actually applying for Top 100, have confidence in your worth as an artist and do not shy away because you are not the traditional picture of ‘academia’!”